Beast – Ashtray Lyrics

I used to think it was all about me I was victimized by everything I used to lose and I lose again Now I'm living like a cigarette in an ashtray I used to think it was all about me I used to suffer through everything I used to lose and I lose again Now

Beast – Microcyte Lyrics

At the right time and place You dive deep inside what I have "Your pain is the breaking of a shell That encloses your understanding" I"m scared of what I see I'm scared of what I'll be Am I able to win this battle between my disease and me? So I'm fighting like I'm not,

Beast – Devil Lyrics

If the sun vaporized one day And the moon just faded away Would we still, keep going on At this pit of the mining pace. Should the birds fall to the ground And the fish die of thirst Would we still keep on living The way it's always been. Now if the air could burn

Seance – Invocation Lyrics

I will summon the ghosts The evil ghost Is born to this world Hordes of evil creation Revels from the darkness Will rip your flesh into the bones And tear your soul apart Hail to thee Lord Luciferion Bring to me The sign of oblivion Cleanse me Unholy spirit take my soul Seventh seal Evil

Moonstar88 – Senti Lyrics

Niyaya mo ako mamasyal sa zoo Ang sabi mo kasi kailangan mo nang kasama Sumama naman ako kasi crush kita, noon pa Kung sabagay gusto ko naring magka Alam mo na Pagkatapos kumain tayo sa labas Kinwento mo ang iyong nakaraan Iniwanan ka pala nang iyong boyprend Kasi ayaw nya ang bago mong buhok Mahal

Greyhoundz – Gunner Lyrics

I Akong mga higala, pagdali na'g pag-anhi Mintras maayo pang gabii Ga huwat na mi sa inyo diri Pagdaa baya maski ug gamay nga ilimnon Atung tunga-tungaon, apud apuron Mag-inato lang gud ta karon Chorus: Tagay nyor, gilumot na Tagay nyor, gilumot na Tagay nyor, gilumot na Tagay nyor, tagay nyor Ii Ay'g palabig banha

Rajaton – Butterfly Lyrics

Sweet as the sound of my newformed wings I stretch them open, I let them dry I haven't seen this world before But I'm excused, I'm a butterfly Sweet as the touch of your newborn wings We fly in circles, we play with the sun We haven't seen this world before So fair, so bright,

Br’oz – Esmeralda Lyrics

Ela й um anjo Ela й o amor que eu tanto quero Me fez viver um sonho lindo, sentimento verdadeiro Ela й um anjo raio de luz que me guiava Й a mulher que eu esperava Jуia rara esmeralda Ela й um anjo e no seu beijo Me deu todo seu amor Eu entreguei meu

Br’oz – Prometida Lyrics

Esse beijo da tua boca tem sabor de fruta fresca O toque dos teus lбbios nгo sai da minha cabeзa Esse beijo com que sonho quando a brisa me refresca Que me leva atй o cйyou e a terra me regressa Minh'alma reza e reza, mas sei que nгo tenho cura A lembranзa do teu

Griswold – Buscando Lyrics

Buscando una seсal, buscando con pasiуn Buscando mi verdad, buscando siempre estoy Te vн en algъn lugar, un sueсo se cumpliу Volvн a mirar atrбs, fuй todo una ilusiуn La vida me trajo hasta acб La vida me llevу a un lugar… Lejos de vos…

Serani – Romance Lyrics

Just in case you never know it's it's serani This one is for the ladies eehh uhh Romance me girl Come dance with me girl I needa girl that groovy (groovy) Lemme take you to a movie Yeahh girl Romance me girl Come dance with me girl I needa girl that's groovy(groovy) Lemme take you

Axium – AC Lyrics

You must understand I'd take your place in a heartbeat You can't comprehend what watching you does to me I can't comprehend the kinds of feeling inside of me You must understand that this is all so new to me Please know I love you and I miss you anyway I'm coming to grips with

Axium – Wavelength Lyrics

The secrets of hers she swears nobody knows She gets her happiness from her AM radio The static in her smile, Mile after mile As she drives home He's a lost cause, a cigarrette in hand He left his family to be the singer in a band The feedback in his eyes, Should come as

Axium – Unlucky Lyrics

No fool's eye to recognize Where growth is preferred, my growth is deterred If I could find an alibi, then I might find something good No blood can be seen yet it still can be she'd Know these words that you speak are like nails in my head Here's the last words I'll write for

Axium – Uncovered Lyrics

She's grabbing hold of my eyes Always in focus But she doesn't know us Her presence is felt in my bones And her voice is present And I feel it's hell-sent So lay me down with the discontent Redundancy that I represent I try too hard to escape it all That's why I'm praying for

Axium – Testament Lyrics

My lonely way Day after day Can't find my inspiration Settle for consolation I'm wasting away The sky begins to fade And I wish that I was made To stand against the wind As if it were my friend I feel betrayed Please hold to what you know 'Cause I just can't seem to tell

Axium – Somber Lyrics

Inside I'm empty and outside I'm numb And I keep on waiting for the pain to succumb Inside I'm lonely, outside I'm alone As the world falls apart in the end Hate floods my body and thoughts cloud my mind Can't shake the cobwebs that I find, yeah The darkness flutters around my head Sometimes,

Axium – Creep Lyrics

When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world You're so fucking special I wish I was special But I'm a creep But I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? Well

Axium – Callout Lyrics

This is a callout I just wanted to let you know It's off with the fallout And it's time for me to go It's time for me to go I need a chance to speak 'Cause I know what's meant for me And I couldn't care less What you do with yours; this moment's mine

Chordettes – Zorro Lyrics

Zorro, Zorro Zorro, Zorro Zorro, Zorro Out of the night When the full moon is bright Comes a horseman Known as Zorro This bold renegade Carves a Z with his blade A Z that stands for Zorro Zorro, Zorro, Zorro The fox, so cunning and free Zorro, Zorro, Zorro Who makes the sign of the

Steamhammer – Mountains Lyrics

Higher, we're getting higher. We could almost touch the sun. Higher, we're getting higher. Would it be good, when the climb is done? H-i-g-h!

Kalmah – Defeat Lyrics

Wasting feeling breeding inside me A shadow of something crawling behind me And Iґm pretending thereґs nothing in there But hearing those whispers makes me to believe Here -I lay in my bed tasting bitter sweet Smell -In my breathe reminding smell of death Dreams -In my head slowly fade away The end -Is nearby

Kalmah – Mindrust Lyrics

In the eyes of the Watcher the gleam of flames Reflecting pictures of the years gone by Time makes no difference the sleep wonґt come And tomorrows daylight is hiding around This lonely mind, eyes still awake Taking a swig now and then Poking the fire with the rod Seeking the truth behind the blaze

Deathstars – Babylon Lyrics

Say what you want me to do And I will do it for you Say who you want me to do And I'll do her too And in the backstreets All the demons Laugh as hell – They want some more. Dobermans rasing Cain In this lovely game – And you wait to score They

Prodigy – Piranha Lyrics

Piranha Piranha P-P-Piranha Piranha P-P-Piranha Teeth, grip, razor sharp Bites hi-power, tear you apart Teeth, grip, razor sharp Bites hi-power, tear you apart Piranha P-P-Piranha Piranha P-P-Piranha Teeth, grip, razor sharp Bites hi-power, tear you apart Teeth, grip, razor sharp Bites hi-power, tear you apart You better not, lose control It pulls you under, it

Prodigy – Colours Lyrics

Raise your fan up For the noise Wake the dogs up Call your voice Are you ready For the war Bring your colours To the floor (I can see the look in your eyes)… 4x Show your colours Bring your colours To the floor… 2x Wake yourself up Sirens on Cause we are fighting So

Prodigy – Thunder Lyrics

I hear thunder but there's no rain This kind of thunder break walls and window pane I hear thunder but there's no rain This kind of thunder T-T-Thunder T-T-Inside T-T-Thunder T-T-Thunder T-T-Inside T-T-Thunder RE [I hear thunder but there's no rain This kind of thunder break walls and window pane] Songwriters: TIMOTHY JOHN HUTTON, HOWLETT

U2 – Breathe Lyrics

16th of June, nine 0 five, door bell rings Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer There's three things I need you to know. Three. Coming from a long line of traveling sales people on my mother's side I wasn't gonna buy just anyone's cockatoo So why would

U2 – Magnificent Lyrics

Magnificent Magnificent I was born I was born to be with you In this space and time After that and ever after I haven't had a clue Only to break rhyme This foolishness can leave a heart black and blue Only love, only love can leave such a mark But only love, only love can

Obscura – Cosmogenesis Lyrics

For evermore the sphere of human thoughts Reunites the abyss, god and light Silence fill the emptiness of space Humand kind degrades the human race In the crawling inner mourning flame, A reed of thousands souls regret To form an eternal wave Meeting of the spirits That manmade shell of human fragments Dissected, skinned show

Obscura – Incarnated Lyrics

When the moist and balmy gale Round the verdant meadow sights, Odours sweet in misty veil At the twilight-hour arise Murmurings soft of calm repose Rock the heart to child-like rest, And the day's bright portals close On the eyes with toil oppressed Night already reigns over all Strangely star linked to star Planets, mighty

Ladyhawke – Magic Lyrics

You came to my show And I saw you in the crowd I didn't know your name I didn't know your name I asked all my friends who you were And your story They told me the same They told me the same I've left my heart to you but it's not fair 'Cause you're

Fusebox – Hello Lyrics

Spoken Word: With dropped jaw, I stand in awe of this masterpiece that You have made So many words come to mind; Magnificent, glorious, beautiful, and sublime Wow! Wow! Says it more accurately Your glory illuminates the heavens as far as the eyes can see Verse I Hello! Hello! I'm standing underneath Your sky with

Ashily – Lucky Lyrics

Nan himi deulddaemyeon lucky in my life Geudaega kkumcheoreom dagaoneyo Seulpeo jilddaemyeon nan lucky in my dream Geudae ddasuhage nar kkok kamssajuneyo Eonjena ireohke useoyo nan Sesangi himdeulge haedo Nan cheoldae nunmureun boigo shipjin anhjyo Nae maeum moreuneun geudaerado Meolliseorado geudaeui geu misoreur Kanjikhal su isseo dagaengijyo Ulgo shipeulddaen lucky in my love Sangsangsok geudaega

Bunkface – Fine Lyrics

Why is it everytime I try It always comes back as a lie I could believe in the words that you say to me But lately I think I wont agree What makes the world go by If you cannot crush my life What holds you up so high When you want it all the

Volovan – Perdon Lyrics

Espero que te perdone Me mentiste, eh! No lo pude superar. Y ahora me pides perdуn, Ya es muy tarde, No te quiero ver jamбs. Algъn dнa de йstos lo vas a pagar. No lo esperaba, yo te amaba. Y ahora me siento solo en un rincуn, Desesperado sin hacer nada. Hey! Espero que estйs

Diamonds – Silhouettes Lyrics

Ah, ah, ah… Took a walk and passed Your house (late last night) All the shades were pulled And drawn (way down tight) From within, a dim light cast Two silhouettes on the shade Oh, what a lovely couple they made Put his arms around Your waist (held you tight) Kisses I could almost taste

Deathstars – Opium Lyrics

Can you see them coming From the valleys and hills They finally got you Can you see them staring As the rain hits your palms They are here to gut you Can you here them speak your name They shout it out So the storm can come through Can you hear them celebrate That they

Deathstars – Arclight Lyrics

It ticks fast – Tick tack doom Lithium fills this whole room It's flooded there in front of us It's close to us Let it fight – Win win loss A prostitute for the thrust A starlet yearns for death and lust She is one of us I will never Never forgive Never ever forgive

Chrishan – Nothing Lyrics

Life, love I don't even know you anymore Let's go Ridin' in my car (yep) Coupe '87 (yep) In my voicemail pressing pound 7, 7 (yep) Don't know who you are anymore, on the real You done change so much I don't really feel For you No love (There for you) No hugs (There for

Aegis – Lupa Lyrics

Nagmula sa lupa Magbabalik nang kusa Ang buhay mong sa lupa nagmula Bago mo linisin Ang dungis ng 'yong kapwa Hugasan mo 'yong putik sa mukha Kung ano ang di mo gusto 'Wag gawin sa iba Kung ano ang iyong inutang Ay siya ring kabayaran Sa mundo ang buhay Ay mayroong hangganan Dahil tayo ay

Aegis – Baleleng Lyrics

Tulad mo, Baleleng, ang isang mutya (Oh) Perlas na kay ningning, anong ganda Tulad mo'y bituin sa kalangitan Tulad mo ay gintong kumikinang At ako, Baleleng, ay isang dukha Langit kang 'di abot, ako'y lupa At sa 'yo'y nagmahal nang wagas Kahit magkaiba ang ating landas Kung ikaw, Baleleng, ang mawala Kung ikaw, Baleleng, 'di

Prodigy – Omen Lyrics

It's an Omen x3 Now! The Writing's on the wall It won't go away It's An Omen You just run on automation Now! The Writing's on the wall It won't go away It's An Omen x3 Now! The Writing's on the wall It won't go away It's an Omen You just run on automation Now!

Leslie – J’Accuse Lyrics

Quand l'ignorance a envahi le savoir Que la douceur est йtouffйe par l'arrogance Que l'arrogance l'emporte sur l'humilitй Les gens biens s'unissent, Leslie Les gens ne me surprennent plus Les pages mкme ne m'apprennent plus Les gens mкme pour un mot ne comprennent plus, Non, non, non, non La fumйe ne m'йgare plus Le nuit

Leslie – Cherish Lyrics

They don't care just how I cherish Cherish you babe And see you made my life so special I need your embrace Don't mean to embarrass you You've been in my head with your ties Tell me baby where's your mind Won't you tell me, my baby There was, a time when we Chit-chatted on

Forbidden – Broken Lyrics

The bluebird hatches Not ready to fly But when it grows up It will be able to fly 2X Broken, Broken, Broken, Broken Broken dreams, Broken wings But I still gotta fly Broken hearts, Bluebird sings And if ya wanna sprane my wings You will not stop me when I try to fly The little

Dizmas – Yours Lyrics

Feels like the sky has never been so blue But that's not the way it used to be 'Cause there was a time that I was without you Before I said that I believe Oh, I need a Savior Oh, I need a Savior I want to give this up I want to hold your

Dizmas – Different Lyrics

I am just reaching and I want to know you Can you take, take, take this broken light of mine Lead me one step closer to new heights Now I believe I'll become who I can be And it's you closing the distance Now I can leave everything I've been holding on to 'Cause it's

Circleslide – Noah Lyrics

We floated out across my mistakes You gave your heart and I gave you pain You were the sun and I was the rain We floated out across my mistakes I'm getting closer Closer to what found me The truth that shines in your eyes Like Noah on the mountain I will start again We

Circleslide – Possession Lyrics

Someone else's love taking over Someone else's blood taking over Someone else's voice taking over Someone else's choice taking over I'm letting go I'm falling out of love Falling out of touch I'm becoming your possession Dark spot on the sun taking over The eyes of everyone taking over Those who seek a sign taking

Dizmas – Sun Lyrics

Does the sun keeps on shinin' on me? 'Cause I don't wanna go alone I don't wanna let you down You're all I've got I know this world is not the end of me Am I a good kid? But do I have to fight for you Or do you save me on your own

Anadara – Go Lyrics

Close your eyes Come with me Lay your burdens at my feet Your my child My desire and I've come to give you life. Have I ever failed to rise or set the sun? Fear will keep you down but my love will over come Soo… Go into thee unknown And I will light the

Alathea – Emmanuel Lyrics

We have seen Your star rising in the East We have watched that star crest over the horizon We have waited for You to come… Emmanuel We have heard the songs the angels have been singing We have seen the gifts the wise have been bringing We have wanted to join their song… Emmanuel Chorus:

Alathea – Always Lyrics

May joy come in the morning May the sparrow sing of it all day May peace float down like an autumn leaf Gather in piles for children to play May forgiveness be an open field May this be the land that I trod May my soul be ever restless 'Till I find my rest in

Pambo – Perdón Lyrics

Perdуn lo que te hice ayer No es facil despertar si ya no estas Buscar tu beso en otros labios Soсй… Que te volvнa a tener Que puedo respirar, porque me das Lo que yo busco en otros brazos Mirame, y asi de frente dejame saber Que ya no hay nada, y no vas a

Nickasaur – 11:11pm Lyrics

My feet are on the ground, my hands point to the sky, My eyes fousing on the clock, as the time passes by, I begin to wonder where you, I know you're out there, And we'd make a perfect pair, I wish you knew I care, I wish I knew, who you were (who you

MYMP – Cherish Lyrics

So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game Before I start this dance I take a chance in telling you I want more than just romance You are my destiny, I can't let Go baby can't you see Cupid please take your aim at me [ Chorus: ] Cherish the thought Of always

Fotos – Fotos Lyrics

Ein kalter Frьhling weckt die Bдume Unter weitem klaren Himmel In den verlassenen Kaffeetassen Gedeiht gelassen grьner Schimmel Deine Blumen sind zu Staub zerfallen Ich vergaЯ sie zu gieЯen Hier rennen keine wilden Pferde mehr Ein Arzt kam um sie zu erschieЯen … Um sie zu erschieЯen Ich hцre deine Musik nicht mehr Und neben

Deathstars – Chertograd Lyrics

10. 000 needles of light Pin the drugs of last night Kill the cigarette now sleep Let the wolves upon the sheep The wings of the world move slow in this hall And the hunger of hope it starts to starve God of Chertograd Lick the sounds that bleed from his mouth God of Chertograd

Cassie – Activate Lyrics

[Verse:] Let me be ya teacher, I'm gonna school ya About some things I wanna do to ya (if you wanna, wanna, wanna) Don't be afraid to take some direction How can I show you to posses them. (Come closer, closer, closer) [Pre Chorus] Oh baby I'm bout to set it off at your adventures

Buono! – Conomichi Lyrics

Kono michi aruiteku yo Nani ga aroutemo Bokutachi chikara awaseta toki Nani ko kaga kawaru sa [Airi] Zettai te kotoba o ne Kimi wa sugu tsukau keredo Mou sukoshi dake kangae you Sore shika demonai no ka? [Miyabi] Bimyou na kokoro no ugoki Wakaru youni natte kita yone [Momoko] Jibun jitsuryouku nante monmo Taishita koto

Bamboo – 24/7 Lyrics

Lately you've been on my case Well I'm sorry to find you in such a dreadful state You see I'm not the kind of guy to hold ya down If you got something else to say I'm available Mondays to Fridays You know where to find me I got my head in the clouds My

SS501 – Find Lyrics

Na-ege seodo na-ege seodo ganjeolhaejin maminde Eotteokharago eotteokharago haeyo Neomu adeukhan neomu adeukhan sarang inde Jeoldae pogi mothaneun shimjangi geudae ingeo jyo Yeogiseo isseo neoui useum chaja ulkkeoya Nimam apeugehan nunmureun yeogi naega da jaba dultenikka Tumyeonghan ni sarangeul jeoldae ijji mothal gireum mandeuro Bandeushi uri sarangeul dashi chajeultenikka Niga eopshido niga epseodo jal haenael

3OH!3 – Electroshock Lyrics

Sweat sweat, cos I'm a poisonous pill Pop me in your mouth baby, sit and be still Not yet, I ain't through with you girl Put me in your glass baby, give me a swirl I said, sweat sweat, cos I'm a poisonous pill Pop me in your mouth baby, sit and be still Not

3OH!3 – Hornz Lyrics

3 oh [x12] I, m a hit you from Chokechain I'm not coming to your party Shake, shake it, shake it like you Put your hands up Take that, take that Motherfucker fake rap I'm a hit you from the back Choke-chokechain I'm hott, baby you're hott Poisonous pill Punk-punk-punk-pu-punk-punkbitch! Colorado! (Day one) A chapel

Serani – Naked Lyrics

[Intro:] It's it's it's ya knooooo… It's ya kno [Chorus:] Time to see what you look like naked Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baaaby Come over girl let's get wasted Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baaabyy I I I I I iii I gonna make you my baby momma Gonna do you good for da

Serani – Empress Lyrics

[Intro:] Empress… Be mine (be mine) Empress… Be mine (be mine) My one and only Love when she hold me The things she told me Please be my… [Chorus: x2] Empress Soley mine Love at last Glad she's mine Give her all my time One of her kind [Verse 1:] She's the perfect one for

Serani – Hypocrites Lyrics

[Intro:] Elephant man serani(hypocrites and badmind), he dat dwell unto The secret place (try to take my joy nooo) of the most high shall Abide under the shadow of the almighty(when we rise they fall) 7 time rise(cause they want it all) 7 time fall rememba(they can't Take what's coming) Badmind must fall yeah [Chorus:]

Serani – Doh Lyrics

[Intro:] Doh doh doh doh doh Let's take a ride we take you to another level(peeps) Inevitable(first) we miserable(I love her) doh [Chorus:] Cause when mi look inna some pussy face mi know seh dem nuh like me, doh Cause dem can't walk inna mi nike doh, cause dem waan fi hug wi shawty doh

Lio – Tétéou Lyrics

(Parlй) C'йtait le dйbut de l'йtй, les bons limiers йtaient au soleil Et les dealers а l'ombre, y'avait plus qu'а fumer l'saumon pour faire lйgal. Ce jour-lа, j'avais descendu 227 marches, 3 maris en fuites Et 17 Jack Daniels. On ne devrait jamais faire de mйlanges! Elle a poussй la porte de mon bureau Avec

Rbd – Family Lyrics

No matter what you need from me You know you got it If I can give you anything You know you got it You can call me any moment If you need some love I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there If something is broken in your heart You know I'll fix it

Babasonicos – Putita Lyrics

Sin piedad dejбs atrбs Un sйquito de vana idolatrнa. Sos tan espectacular Que no podйs ser mнa nada mбs. Tenнas que ser de todos. La piel, los labios Donde roza la bambula Serбn mi prado, mi vergel. Ya sй El camino a la fama no significa nada Si no hay una misiуn. ЇCuбl es? Hacerte

Babasonicos – Puesto Lyrics

Que casualidad fue encontrarte justo acб Yo tan puesto, vos tan apuesta Que sofisticado fue invitarte a coquetear Yo tan lento, vos tan regia. Sos hermosa… Sos hermosa… Que barbaridad haber tenido que esperar Para vernos, de tan cerca Desnudйmonos y no digamos nada mбs En silencio, tus caricias Son hermosas… Son hermosas… Y el

Babasonicos – Revelación Lyrics

Prefiero flotar En mi laguna No quiero nadar No tengo lagunas Ay, que hechу a su chica la golpeo la hiriу Y no se acuerda de nada, estaba poseнdo Dйjalo en paz Dйjame en paz Fбcil viene el alma loca Viene el alma acб hasta la mйdula loca, estarб poseнdo Dйjalo en paz Dйjame en

Babasonicos – Risa Lyrics

En la palestra de desconocidos Buscу a su lado el calor Y simulando mojarle el oнdo Le besу el cuello y le dijo. Me gustas tanto Quisiera aprenderme tu nombre Me gustas tanto que No sй por donde voy. Me le acerquй suspicaz Y le tendн un anzuelo Vamos a fumar un porro ahн. Me

Babasonicos – Rubí Lyrics

Imposible Olvidar tu talismбn. Irresistible Remar contra tu atracciуn. A tu lado retrocede el tiempo, Cualquier dнa es el mejor momento. Increнble Tentaciуn es el amor. Tu aliento carmesн, Tu flor de lis Junto a mi boca Fumar de tu rubн Quererte asн Beberte a gotas. Tengo El cuerpo hecho a medida del romance Mi

Babasonicos – Solita Lyrics

Sй tu nombre hasta cuando sueсo, Sй que en ellos no sabes quien soy. Sй cuбndo, a quй hora, dуnde y cуmo te gusta Tambiйn sй que la sorpresa es para vos. Tengo pensado no decirte nada Mirarte, una sonrisa y esconderme Hasta que vos Solita te des cuenta que te gusto, Que estabas confundida

Babasonicos – Tóxica Lyrics

Agente y apoderada Muchacha audaz No tienes paz Bonita y acaudalada Rosada y social Receta magistral… De turno esta con tiempo para gastar Consume desenfredanada Las muсecas dan tranquilidad Buscando la madrugada Climatizar conduce la tempestad Por la ruta panoramica… Coro: Tуxica (… tуxica…) Princesa de la quнmica Tуxica (… tуxica…) Super acciуn la soluciуn

Babasonicos – Suturno Lyrics

Quiero revolcarme con vos. (Quiero revolcarme con vos.) Quiero revolcarme con vos. (Quiero, quiero, quiero, quiero.) Quiero revolcarme con vos. (Quiero revolcarme con vos.) Quiero revolcarme con vos. (Quiero, quiero, quiero, quiero.) Culo duro Piernas largas Tetas rojas Labios Copular Nalgas rosas Venus rubia Puta roja Sexo Copular Quiero revolcarme con vos. (Quiero revolcarme con

Babasonicos – Yegua Lyrics

Algunas noches Soy fбcil, no acato lнmites… Algunas noches Soy fбcil, no acato lнmites… Tiempo atrбs, lo salpicabas todo con tu encanto. Te he visto reducir hombres al llanto, Y a la fortuna despreciar. Hoy rayбs el medio dia casi descocida Sos un flamenco con el ala herida, Con la intemperie te arropбs. Como yegua

Babasonicos – Yoli Lyrics

Lleva en su bolsillo una pistola Y una pestaсa calva Furia escurre su puсo apretado Carga balas con mala saсa La llamaran: narcocorrido, la llamaran yoli En su bolso esconde una peluca Unos calmante y una navaja Pinta un maquillaje deslucido No durmio bien, no durmio nada La llamaran: narcocorrido, la llamraan yoli Casi nada

Babasonicos – Zumba Lyrics

Todos se van porque el viento los llama Y a su guarida no vuelven jamбs Van dados vuelta de frente al pasado Mirando el tiempo pasar. Mientras que todos me creen tan errado Veo al futuro a mis pies crepitar. Zumba en mi oнdo un insecto alado Que ordena a mi lengua vibrar. Derivo y

Babasonicos – Irresponsables Lyrics

Somos culpables de este amor escandaloso Que el fuego mismo de pasiуn alimentу Que en el remanso de la noche impostergable Nos avergьenza seguir sintiйndolo. Poco a poco Fuimos volviйndonos locos. Ese vapor de nuestro amor Nos embriagу con su licor Y culpa al carnaval interminable. Nos hizo confundir Irresponsables. Si fuimos carne de la

Babasonicos – Koyote Lyrics

Aunque no me dejen hoy Sigo yo alegando hoy Corro la meseta soy Soy como un koyote Hasta el horizonte voy Como algunos hongos hoy Aunque fume rifa soy Soy como un koyote Soy un koyote Soy un koyote Koyote lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC Lyrics term of use

Babasonicos – Mareo Lyrics

Me da verguenza y no sй si decнrtelo Si se me nota, no levanto la mirada Y me derrito si te tengo cara a cara Si te encuentro a solas vuelvo a creer en Dios Es que me mata tu ausencia Y haberte querido tanto Porque el recuerdo no es real (no acepto mбs pasarla

Babasonicos – Microdancing Lyrics

Si te llevo de favor Me prometes que esta vez No vas a arruinar la fiesta? Apretados Microdancing No esperes nada de mн, no esperes nada de mн Apretados Microdancing Si de onda te acompaсo A salir esta vez No me vas a dar vergьenza Apretados Microdancing No esperes nada de mн, no esperes nada

Babasonicos – Misericordia Lyrics

Misericordia Misericordia No hay mбs tiempo que perder Cuando la aurora Cuando la aurora Nos sorprenda… Por nacer No, cariсo. No aterrices, ya no quedan cicatrices. Hoy empiezo un sueсo en el final Porque… Las salvaciуn esta cerca de vos otra vez Porque… Junto a tu puerta el jardнn ya esta por florecer Porque… Aunque

Babasonicos – Nosotros Lyrics

Empezб por aceptar tu maldad Un poco de autocrнtica no te vendrнa mal Me agarraste desatento Es que anduve por ahн, Desprolijo porque sн, En el arte de fingir me ganбs Aunque yo me esmero mucho Si te presto, mi confianza abusбs Me devolviste el corazуn pertrechado Algo pasa entre nosotros dos Y no quiero

Babasonicos – Pistero Lyrics

ЎPongan otra canciуn! ЎPongan otra canciуn! Cuelguen al dj ЎQuemen la radio! ЎPongan otra canciуn! Vacilaciones En el patнbulo bailador En el estilo zapateador Mascando chicle con su pareja Actuando pose de retador. Nada puede interponese En nuestro amor por la danza La perspectiva de su esperanza Vacilaciones Y se persigna al encarar Sacude el

Babasonicos – Pijamas Lyrics

Te llamй para vernos Se me ocurren tantas cosas Empezar por juntarnos Para no hacer nada Te propuse mi casa Nada neutro Te dejй traer tus pijamas que yo No duermo bien de noche Por ъnica vez te pido que entiendas Que este no es un cuento que lo invento yo Por ъnica vez te

Babasonicos – Pendejo Lyrics

Hola chicas, soy su amigo No parezco inofensivo, en serio Lo hago por la amistad Soy el as, de los bastardos La traiciуn esta a mi cargo Es cierto No soy de sacrificar Mi nombre no es lo importante Lo importante es olvidar Lo importante es olvidar Pendejo Hola chicas, soy su amigo Por supuesto

Babasonicos – Passionale Lyrics

Cuando la calamidad se aviva Perfuma el aire que va a pasar Velas negras y sangre de gallo Plumas del rito, felonнa Alguien parece saber Delante de sus ojos estб La soluciуn y el fijo Final del acertijo Su vidrio mental se polariza Percibe exacto quй va a pasar Lesbianas vampiros asesinan Degenerados en bacanal

Babasonicos – Paraguayana Lyrics

Me conoces pierdo el control, La voz de la conciencia me atormenta y no me deja, Me pasa igual, que Armando Bу, Cuando el speech es fuerte, su volumen me enloquece, Orбculo boite, pinar mau mau, regina saint tropez, Hoy que el rock no estб de moda, Que playback haces ahora, Me conocйs, te vн

Babasonicos – Gratis Lyrics

Me estirй Para alcanzar Una porciуn de la locura. Y asн traer Lo a que a vos te es invisible Lo que nunca percibiste Lo que bajo tus narices Nunca entenderнas. Y conocer Que la vida no termina Donde vos lo ves. Ser asн no cuesta nada. Me viajй, Sin humildad Al corazуn de la

Babasonicos – Fizz Lyrics

Duelo de vedettes, pluma por doquier Ira a flor de piel Le clavo su taco aguja. Y ahora esta del otro lado No conecta el pasado Su conciencia, la atormenta y huye. Fiesta de farsantes En la espuma social Invitame a pasar. Fiesta de farsantes En la espuma social Invitame a pasar. Chico dandy, rey

Babasonicos – Falsario Lyrics

Ey ya me conoces Usame al revйs Usame para probar No pienses que fue el error ni el paracetamol Ninguna intervenciуn fantasma Trae la noche confusiуn Los grises son legiуn Comprendo que te suene la alarma Mientras los idiotas disfrazan Las уperas de pizzerias Voy a sentarme a esperar que caigas Esa luz fenomenal No

Babasonicos – Exámenes Lyrics

En algъn pliego secreto Dicen que todo escrito estб Tambiйn lo estarб nuestro encuentro Si habrб romance Йl lo sabrб. Yo no rindo exбmenes de conciencia Siempre supe de que estabamos hablando No juegues asн conmigo que soy simple. Desestimo ese baile Luces tan atractiva hoy En el peor de los casos, nena, Sуlo quiero

Babasonicos – Estertor Lyrics

Olvidemos todo de una vez Asн Hagamos un trato que podamos sostener Aquн Al menos un rato. Acurruquйmonos, mi amor Todo estalla en derredor La miseria y su estertor nos mata Acurruquйmonos, mi amor Fulminemos el rencor Que sуlo sobrevive del pasado. Y ahora fue todo reducido a cenizas No queda ni una sola pista

Babasonicos – Desfachatados Lyrics

Un puсado de hombres Pasados de ponche Se festejan a la Mexicana Destrozando a su paso Moteles y bares Cuesta abajo no les cuesta nada Abran la frontera la estampida veo llegar Levantando pogo vienen los desfachatados. Vienen dando tumbos viven fuera de la ley Alma de cantina traen los desfachatados. Un enjambre de muchachas

Babasonicos – Curtis Lyrics

No me des permiso No me adviertas no poder Con tus compromisos y tu ayer No nos conocemos tanto No hemos compartido todo No siquiera tenemos amigos en comъn. Para enamorarme No necesito tu consentimiento Dame un solo beso Que dure mбs que una mentira. Nena, Algo me intriga mucho De eso presumo saber Y

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