Babasonicos – Coyarama Lyrics

No es necesario Que experimente mбs Absorvo tus sapiencias De mil siglos atrбs. Acaricio a la hiedra Y a la humanidad Absorvo sus tristezas Espacialmente. No sirve que te escuche Melancуlico al relatar Soy un mйdium al instante De lo que imaginбs. Los ojos achinados Las fallas del lugar Son la topografнa De mi pieza

Babasonicos – Charada Lyrics

Estilizada nena batida Figura fatal, dulce charada, Con sуlo un beso Te puede matar, Y si al destino Lo llaman peligro, Y a tu compaснa Le dicen crueldad, La eternidad, No nos dejarб, La eternidad, No nos dejarб, Provocadora, Make up valiente Muchacha en acciуn, Tiembla excitada, Trabajo fino y con silenciador Si conocerte es

Babasonicos – Casualidad Lyrics

Me dejo ir con libertad Y en simultбneo Estoy disfrutando de esto, Dejбndome llevar, No me influencies con tus caprichos, No me hagas concluir, tiene que ser eterno, No me influencies mal, casualidad habernos encontrado, Hagamos de casualidad, Sinceridad їa donde vas? No significa nada, sentir, Pensar y actuar en un mismo lugar, Dйjate ir,

Babasonicos – Carismático Lyrics

Me pareciу ver dos payasos con cara de susto cerrando el local Disimulб, llevan los trajes puestos, Van para el circo a buscar los camellos. Lucen un poquito espantados, Salidos de un cuadro que se estб por borrar. Disimulб que estбn muy transpirados Llevan un balde con papel picado. Tengo que aprender a fingir mбs,

Babasonicos – Capricho Lyrics

Siento el impulso de alzar Mi voz al infinito… Para reclamar un lugar En tu corazуn… Su reino esbelto, su nombre Fedra Me sobrecoge su altar. Su piel trigueсa, ama y desdeсa. Quiero manosear… Siento el impulso de alzar Mi voz al infinito… Para reclamar un lugar En tu corazуn… Se me derrite, entre los

Babasonicos – Camarín Lyrics

Tan freak, tan freak, tan freak y tan popular Quiero ser… Tan freak, tan freak, tan freak y tan popular Quiero ser… En el йxtasis del flash, con la estrella omnisexual Y el glamour acomodado a la lujuria de hotel. Tan freak, tan freak, tan freak y tan popular Quiero ser… Tan freak, tan freak,

Cascada – Holiday Lyrics

There should be a holiday for girls like me It started kind of hazy (yeah yeah yeah) And somehow I gave in to temptation. I thought that you would please me (yeah yeah yeah) But all I got was false accusation. But then you tried to break me (yeah yeah yeah) And lived up to

Combichrist – Scarred Lyrics

The choice you make will be all wrong A pattern forms, to scarred to feel Too scared to follow and so am I Wisdom will cower and so will I Lets breathe lies Beneathe it all Death in your viegns Life on your knees The rain will wash me away All structures collapse Nothing covers

Edguy – Speedhoven Lyrics

Welcome to this wonderworld Everybody take your sledges Winterland Plutocracy Down the slope don't fear the hedges Everybody in their box Waiting under rights of action Raise your heads and hold your breath I can't stand your putrefaction I can smell your brain decay As you look down at the stage and Drive me mad

Edguy – Dragonfly Lyrics

Is it really the treasure of gold Or the dance in the rainbow itself Bound to a track Painting over the cracks In his dreams they'd put up on the shelf Little wind-up soldier With a ball and a chain Got destinations engraved on your mind Now you don't care as long As you don't

Deathchain – Witchstorm Lyrics

One single sweep across this earth A hellish brush of vengeful inferno Spitting forth blasphemy Killing your inbred god The coming witchstorm Thy kingdom gone So came the arrival, burning Ages of denial, the past tragedies Misery, chosen to burn for witchery They suffered for nothing A sacrifice for your god In the flames they

Deathchain – Deathammer Lyrics

The world was young on a Walpurgis Night The moon was full and bright All the witches danced, united for a chant Creating an evil spell Possessed by orders, driven by demons Malice and sins combined Sky turned red as the blood was she'd For the Horned One Made from the spear that once impaled

Deathchain – Undertaker Lyrics

Living by the graveyard Digging holes for the dead Old and peaceful man Didn't see it coming At one fatal night A ghost rised from his grave A ghost from the silent past Flew to the old man's house "do you still remember?" "yes, and now I see!" "the priest took me to church and

Wicked – Wonderful Lyrics

Wizard I never asked for this Or planned it in advance I was merely blown here By the winds of chance I never saw myself As a Solomon or Socrates I knew who I was: One of your dime a dozen Mediocrities Then suddenly I'm here Respected – worshipped, even Just because the folks in

Shadowlord – Triumph Lyrics

In the name of our fathers we came to destroy We spread through your land like a plague Blood on our hands, blood in the sand Killing was our sacred trade (Ooh) Torture awaits (Ooh) No one escapes (Ooh) pillage and rape (Ooh) your castles in flames A triumph of honour, a triumph of faith

Brighten – Carolina Lyrics

I'm so confused how to live without you I'm not comfortable being all alone And when I walk downtown I can see her everywhere She's the streets at night She's the morning light And the main thing I think about at night But we're better off this way, right Carolina you're too far away from

Adolecentes – Virgen Lyrics

No finjas que ya lo se todo soy mayor que tu Y no pienses que con eso voy a atarme a tus sentimientos Es tu primera vez ya me di cuenta Ya no llores, ya no temas Eso no es todo en el amor Tranquila que aquн estoy yo. Tampoco pienses que soy como aquel

Adolecentes – Huellas Lyrics

(Sнntomas de amor naciу la ilusiуn) Asн te conocн me enamore de ti, Vivн en la soledad no conocн a la otra forma de amar (Historia de amor naciу la ilusiуn) Y el primer beso llegу Las caricias, tu sonrisa, la poesнa y la brisa No existнan palabras nuestras miradas hablaban Fue lo mбs bello

CrowneVict – Falling Lyrics

Please I feel so alive, Forgot all that's in your eyes, It's enough to be just unforgiving canned emotion, Look at these things that you've said and done, Look at all that's in your heart, But is it enough to feel just like always (surely) Feel as you know (feel as you know) tonight –

Worship – Devived Lyrics

Too far I came And nothing changed No reason to search on Is to be found The ruin too vast All is nowhere And every way Is leading here Every step I lost a bit Now I'm almost gone Devived I'm lost by life Too deep in dust Made of yesterday Release me From despair

Ultrabeat – Dicolights Lyrics

I wanna go out every night I wanna dance under the disco lights I wanna be with you, every night you want me to I wanna be with you, we can make you right. I wanna go out every night I wanna dance under the disco lights I wanna be with you, every night you

Tyrant – Uprise Lyrics

The Antichrist, the rebel, the unshackled The unholy, the enemy, the dark one Uprise, come into force The Tyrant, the horned one, the beast The fire, the chaos, the wrath The wise, the evil one, the black The unslaved, the untouched, the ringleader

Tyrant – Tyrant Lyrics

Turn the cross upside down Walk with fire, steal the crown Back to basics, back to our roots Nothing more, nothing less Moving forward up the rebel road Raw, simple and ugly Are our musical codes. From where it came, we all knew Out of northern darkness it grew The Nordic sound will grind And

Nightmare – Ruru Lyrics

Aoi yoru ni ukabu hoshi ga toikakeru 'Doushite KIMI wa itsumo sabishisou na kao de warau no?' Boku no muryokusa ni nakitaku naru kedo Mune ni kokoro ni tsubasa wa aru yo Mabuta wo tojireba mietekuru darou kazetoori iku machi Yawarakana kaze ni kono mimakasete RARA RURA RURA… Sotto yasashiku ima wo kako e kaete

Nightmare – Morpho Lyrics

Iku ate no nai tabi ni deru you na hibi Misekake bakari kazari ni kazarareta kono machi de Kage mo katachi mo nai no ni mune de tsukamu nani ka ga aru deshou? Aoi hane wo motta chou ga ima me no mae wo toori sora ni nobotta Tatta sore dake nanigenai nichijou no shoukei

Nightmare – Crevasse Lyrics

Te wo nobaseba kimi ga ita Mada kokoro ni kimi ga ita Naze wakare wo tsugeta no ka Ima demo mada wakarazu ni Sekai no hate de omoi haseru Iro no nai keshiki ni Kimi wo kasanete Toki no namida ga uruoshite yuku Nani mo nakatte you ni sugoseru Tada sore wa wasureta wake janai

Nightmare – Alice Lyrics

Apterous angel fuantei na sono mama de Apterous angel kokoro de sakenda Apterous angel kotoba no imi nado Munashiku kuu ni kie yuku Truehearted liar tomaranai yoku ni Truehearted liar umoreta mono hodo Truehearted liar aware ni tsuru ne Kanashii iro ni somatte Kagami ni utsutta kao naki kao Failing irony hitotsu no utsuwa ni

Nightmare – Phantom Lyrics

Please give the power to me now Please give the power to me now Ashita no hi wo mamoru tame Kagirareta toki1 no tame Sora2 ni kazashita 'chikai' wa kimi to tomo ni Kagayaku

Ministry – Palestina Lyrics

Palestina was a very nice girl She liked to travel and sample the world Palestina has a first hand view of life Palestina from a very young age Saw the oppression, felt the rage Palestina wants out of her cage to fight My life will be short and sweet Palestina told her family and friends

Coronatus – Fallen Lyrics

Kein Wind – und keine Liebe Betrьbt die Eichenblдtter fallen Mein Herz – deine dunklen Wunden Es Fall' die Nacht – so falle mein Geist Es fall' die Nacht – und so fall' mein Geist Meinen Kцrper verlassend – Wie die Blдtter fallen Wandernd durch – die endlose Nacht Deren Leere flutet den Abgrund –

Coronatus – Exitus Lyrics

Exitus Serentem antiqiuum Diabolum et satanam Ergo ligatum In abyssum In nomine patris et filii Et spiritus sancti Ab insidiis diaboli Libera nos Adiuramus te Ergo, draco maledicte Fugite, partes adversae Et legio diabolica In nomine patris et filii Et spiritus sancti Ab insidiis diaboli Libera nos Cessa decipere Humanas creaturas Eisque perditionis Venenum propinare

US5 – Cruisin Lyrics

Yeah, summer jam It's called Cruisin' This one goes out to all the summer lovers Give it up for my ladies and pour some Baileys Livin' up to beat Got a cool situation We're cruisin' all night Hey baby, how about some sunshine Take a walk through the flower fields I like the way it

US5 – Stop Lyrics

Staring in the flame of a candle light Will it burn here still tomorrow Watchin' all the people tryin' to pass me by Wanna warn them what's to follow What's it gonna take for you to believe How many mistakes till you'll gonna see They've got you good, look all of you dying Only see

US5 – Friday Lyrics

Yeah, let's do this What you gonna do on a Friday night Friday night, Friday night What you gonna do on a Friday night Aaaaaaah, let's go First class, no trash You're the kind of girl that I gotta have Got a little more time to spend And we're oh so freaky now So fine,

Insite – Buscándote Lyrics

La misma historia se vuelve a repetir, Mi corazуn resbala y cuenta una vez mбs El dнa veinte se acerca y no hay marcha atrбs Mientras mi alma se desgarra sin parar, sin parar… Todo lo que soy De nuevo donde algъn dнa empezй La magia de tu amor renace otra vez Que me has

Insite – Breathe Lyrics

It's okay I'll give you a ride I'll take you to the moon if you don't wanna go back home Don't worry You're safe inside my arms Just don't let go until I say that it's okay to But for now all I want is you to have the best time of your life A

Insite – Destrozame Lyrics

Tan sуlo ven, Escuchame tu sabes quien soy yo Olvidame otra vez Hazme creer que no soy tuyo Destrozame (Destrozame) Ven y arrancame todo lo que soy Hazme entender (Hazme entender) Que no pertenezco a este momento Igual que ayer, Y saber que siento porque sangro Y saber que miento si te extraсo Olvidame otra

Insite – Wonderland Lyrics

You can look into my eyes Without a word I'll tell you how Used to live inside my mind… You knock inside my head at night And I start dreaming of you… And then I fly away with you To my wonderland to be with you I'll sleep inside your arms And waste my time

Abk – Attitude Lyrics

I just don't understand How everybody in this world All of the sudden Just got so hard Could it be me or Does it seem like Certain people try and take it too far For real idk But when the time comes Mutha fuccas betta show respect That's right And if they don't then you

Atlas – Turnstiles Lyrics

Dakota are you sleeping tonight? Are your dreams still looking up, when you're on your side? Because I'm your turnstile, you're my satellite I could spend a whole life trying Wait Don't you want to stay? Would you come lie with me and all of my mistakes? This could be a long ride home Helena

Abk – Racist Lyrics

Who gon grant you to be Racist Who gon grant you to be Racist Who gon grant you to be Racist That's not my style Get the fucc outta here Repeat People hate me because my skin Or the ways that I look at them Or is it becaus emy braids Sometimes swing all in

Kabat – Corrida Lyrics

Veљkerэ slasti pozemskэ Skryl бbel v zemi spanlskэ, Kde vнtr hladн po tvбYI a kastanty znн Kde vнno tebou prote e Jak voda dobrэ lov e No vida – corrida t taky rozpбlн Holky jak ruћe a Yemeny z kuћe A kaћdej si dlб jen co chce a muћe A noci horkэ noci ti vaYн

Kabat – Boogie Lyrics

Vlna za vlnou m houpб Rackovй pitomн Yvou V lednici jenom zmrzlэ ryby Ty uћ mi nejedou Pekб e v dбlce zpнvaj Tu pнseH pYeveselou Kormidlo, moYe, nic nevidim Jedu jen za tebou Rуzy! (Chorus) Ћraloci zбvidj Pilouni pilujou svoj styl A u sta sleo to se zpнvб ћraloci zбvidj Pro knedlik se zelim bych

Morda – Stoicism Lyrics

Consciousness is just a consequence Of our will to survive The marching elite I have spoken to it The marching elite I have listened to it I have propped Think of the ego the self That suffers a personal history Bound to time As the grid as the craft guilt making Don't try to suspect

Morda – Eliminate Lyrics

Back – Back for more Some gave it a shot Gaze up Feel free to shut up Pitch down Back off Die Little misery The product Lovin' it from day one A new chapter has just begun Bring it on Hold it on Common' common' Pettiness of your instincts To this I answer Who are

Morda – Endymion Lyrics

In the face of eternity Just rephrasing And erasing Just rephrasing and erasing My words Ceased aging Infinite aching Ceased aging and Infinite aching TRUTH IS MADNESS AND MADNESS IS FEAR She holds me in her lap on a walk with lonely tears Just rephrasing And erasing Just rephrasing and erasing My words Ceased aging

Brutha – Ghost Lyrics

(Let me go) x12 Verse 1 Girl I never thought that you would be my ex, Cuz what we had was so so deeper than s**, And I threw it all away for just one night, From the streets, To the sheets, Damn why the hell I cheat, Because of me your favourite song is

Stacy – Gagap Lyrics

Semalam ku keseorangan Kau jawab dingin setiap pangilan Bila ku cuba bermanja Ku hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan Katakan mengapa kau tak seperti selalu? Ini bukannya masalah ku yang hanya cemburu Bila ku tanya kau pulang soalan padaku Owh jawablah… Saa saa saa sayangku mengapa? Jawablah aahh aahh ahh apa yang menganggu? Gaa gaa gaa gagapku

Secondperson – Metal Lyrics

I see myself from many angles This room has got so many mirrors I am among an alphabet of angels But nothing is at it appears Sweet alchemy Take away my misery Sweet alchemy Take away the agony I made for me One by one the stars are going out And the sun has no-one

Nivaira – Starkad Lyrics

In the silence of years We all are spent But who will dare to forget! The time when heroes were fighting For faith and glory, Honor and pride of the dead. I was cruel and noble Like a northern wolf I laughed at the face of death When I spoke my words turned To wizard

Naruto – Rocks Lyrics

Owareru youni isoi de iru Kawai ta mune ga kari tateru no sa Hito kiwa tsuyoku kagayaku hoshi wa Ima mo tooku ni aru Ushinatte yuku motome nagara Ubawa rete yuku atae nagara Dare no tame de naku dare no mono de naku Ore tachi no ima ga *Omoi kasane yume o kasane hibi o

DBSK – Bolero Lyrics

[Xiah] Yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni odoru kimi wo yume mitanda [Micky] Fukai fukai mune no kizu wo [U-Know] Hitotsu hitotsu se owanaide [Micky + U-Know] Dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai kimi wa kimi de ireba ii sa [Hero + Xiah] Kikasete itoshiku hakanaku [Hero] Tsubasaki de kanaderu bolero [Max + Xiah] Maiagare

Nightmare – TrickSTAR Lyrics

Toki ga kitareba subete wa na yo Kurui saku you ni kowashite miyou ka Nante ne Ki ga fureru hodo ii kaori de, kokoro made mo tokasarete shimau Konnani nureta mama de itoshisou ni Kono mama oyasumi Me o hirai tara mata jigoku de nani mo kamo o bakemono ni utsusu Minikui Kimi no kareda

Nightmare – Dirty Lyrics

Itai hikari megakuramu asahi wo Nuritsubushite kuro ni kae tara Mini sasae yami nitokeru darou Seisho nan tehitsuyou nai The dirty butterfly which influences all… Tsubasa hirogeta Kono yoga osoda toshinji subete wo Azamu itekita Imasara mou modorenai Yume mo fuminijiru Soshite Eien ni jouei sareru zetsubou kinema Aseta riru wa kyou Momawaru Warai mo

Scorpions – Crossfire Lyrics

Seems to me a nightmare becomes reality The last days of the paradise are gone for you and me We're living in the crossfire And we'll be killed at first Why cannot people that we made the leaders of the world Understand that we don't want to fight Understand we are much too young to

Exterio – Campanile Lyrics

Couvre ta tкte avec un bas d'nylon Assure toi, que tes runnings sont bien attachйs Es-tu bien habillй? Es-tu bien camouflй? Tout en noir, tout en noir Pour pas risquer d'te faire remarquer On s'en va pas faire un p'tit truc de moviette on va entrer Au Campanile, au Campanile Y'a des gens dans la

Sanalejo – Monareta Lyrics

Original el motivo Al desafiar el destino Disfrazandolo de otro color Manipular la evidencia Ya no tiene su ciencia Estar bajo tierra Es su compensacion Olor a mierda sube la melancolia Yo no sabia no era mi intencion Daсar su ardiente miseria Hasta quemarse en la hoguera La monareta es la mejor opcion Y ahora

Nightmare – 18sai Lyrics

Otona-tachi ga kimeta kisoku ni Miugoki sura torezu ni Kuyashisa to munashisa dake ga Mune ni komi-agatta Itsu datte fuan wa kiezu ni Yume o oikaketeiru Kuuhaku no mirai wa hatenaku Kodoku to yurenagara Aimai na jiyuu ni kakarete Susumu kono michi o Futashika na ashita o shinjita Nanimo shirazu ni Nakama to tomo ni

Gollbetty – Happyramid Lyrics

Happyramid you can climb it. Happyramid may you be happy! Happyramid I am waiting for you. Happyramid may you be happy! Kizoutenga hoka toriiki wa noboru Piramid 365 burooku Fukuramu kitai karutoshu nigiri shimate "shiyakumei" no shihai kirai te mo "unmei" no raakii negau desho? Fukuramu kitai karutoshu mune ni idaku ite Mikami gede kimi

Gollbetty – Crystal Lyrics

Moi shiru koto nai kimi no kako fureru tabi Yoku barina shiito ni makiru… Konna ni itai Sekai de taata hitoribochi ninaata mitai ni Shiranai de ita itami wo fuyashite kuyo Uso otsuite haguraka shitemo (kakusenai) Miru karete shimau ishireru na kimi wa hiro Naku ka nakutemo ii yoo te miyu tarashite naderu yobi Yasashii

Serenity – Derelict Lyrics

Oh mother sure it makes you cry To see your only son like this … Wherever you may be these days It has been a year now that I can find no sleep No matter what I try I fail So I can see precisely how my body fades away A skeleton to anyone, a

Serenity – Velatum Lyrics

A silent lake under eagle's wings Reflecting sky and mountains high It's waters hide some mystery A plate of stone discovered trace Leads back to unknown days See a witness in every pile of stones Every place where they are standing in circles Silent witness to the past, to times of old belief When spirits

Serenity – Fairytales Lyrics

Here I stand now alone to die The empty space, no word from you I cry After all still loving you Can't stop feeling this way Sadness is a friend now Dry my tears away [Bridge:] I'm not the man I used to be, I can't laugh anymore My mind is dark, my blood is

Serenity – Forever Lyrics

Far away you fly Your soul is in the sky There's nothing left that brings you back to me You've reached out my mind You've lost a painful fight Now follow him into the underworld I'm sad and down Tears running down my face I miss your touch and the sweet taste of your lips

Neuraxis – Versus Lyrics

Idol to many Monument of strength and authority Standing vehement Rational behavior that inspires millions Concrete statement Glorious logic Slowly appealed to the other side Secretly seduced by the opposite Versus A conscience divided Mentally overflowed Versus The structure suffers Causing a rupture of identity A simple purpose turned into obsession Unconscious quest to attain

Intronaut – Australopithecus Lyrics

Detached from reality Withdrawn from the game Tiptoeing around logic Catalyst dried up to a muddle Words will forever fail Perpetual and steady separation Parched nerves drink the life out of you

Intronaut – Prehistoricisms Lyrics

Reactive mass Handed down from the past The clearest path No questions asked In the name of rhetoric Prophecies are fulfilled There's much more to see Without your own two eyes

Beyoncé – Roc Lyrics

Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I If I wrote a book about where we stand Then title of my book would be "Life with Superman" That's how you make me feel I count you as a privilege This love is so ideal I'm honored to be in it I know you feel the

Chancellorpink – Muster Lyrics

There you go vanishing again Cause silence drives a happy heart insane You never stay to talk it out And never take the blame You could try to love me if you lied Or you could shut your cell phone off and hide But if love has lost it's luster Do you think that you

Bebeto – Nega Lyrics

ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga, nega, nega nega… ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga ґ nк, O nк nк nк nкga, nega, nega nega… ґ nega por favor nгo machuque este

Eufonius – Idea Lyrics

Giniro no sora wo (hateshinai sora) Kimi to nagameta (nani mo iwazu ni) Senaka ni furete (furueru yubi de) Shizuka ni omou (yokogao miage) Tashikametai sono egao wo Kimi no sono mirai wo Tachitsukushite naku dake no Jibun wo keshisatte Te wo nobashitara todokisouna hodo Souzou janai, kanousei nara Kitto soba ni aru Kanashimi mo

Hide – Doubt Lyrics

Sono nigitta omae no te no naka ni aru Dane akashi, shite mina Gitogito abura gisshe E-moshi-remu kusai no suru dane o Gabaereba, sono ba de Anata kata no suteki na dinner ni kawaru Sochira-kochira ni rai chirakashi no zanhan korogaru Take me trash take me trash you trash Sono taetta omae no sei no

Craeons – Testudo Lyrics

I passed by You never look at me As if you didn't notice That I was someone Who really needs you Feeling so subside, I did You know I care But you hurt me bad I don't wanna be a fool animal Someone broke my heart yesterday Now I'm serious Coz I loved you And

3OH!3 – Hott Lyrics

I'm hot, baby, you're hot, Oh! So why not, baby, why not, Uh uh uh, I'm hot, baby, you're hot, No no, Oh! Why not, so baby, why not, Oh yea, I'm hot, baby, you're hot, Yea yea, Oh! Why not, so baby, why not, Uh uh uh, I'm hot, baby, you're hot, Oh! So

Tatu – Snegopady Lyrics

[Yulia] Chyornaya, belaya Razniye polosy [Lena] Ya khochu vyrastit' Dlinniye volosy [Yulia] Vsyo ischezayet I povtoryayetsya [Lena] Pereklyucayetsya I ne konchayetsya [Yulia] Vsyo prodolzhaetsya Vzlyotami-spadami [Yulia&Lena] Pod snegopadami [Chorus] Dotron'sya neslyshno Vstan' ryadom, vstan' Razryadom po kryshe Vstan' ryadom, vstan' Dotron'sya neslyshno Vstan' ryadom, vstan' Razryadom po kryshe Vstan' ryadom, vstan' [Lena] My s toboi

Sunbrain – Emotion Lyrics

Yuku saki wa are iroase yuku daichi Yuganda shirt mune de nejifuse Te ni suru wa nani? Yume ni nokosu na ni everyone emotion Hashiri dasu kaze hiki kaesu kaze Shigeru machinami no dokoka de Nani ga seigi? Doko ni aru shinjitsu? Nagareru emotion no scene Kyou wo mitsume kurikaeshi kiesari Kakaekirenai scene wo Hito

Neruda – Distance Lyrics

You close your eyes, when you see me fallin' You close your mind, when you hear me call [2x] I feel so cold when I'm out to feel you, I've been so cold when your out of reach, I feel so cold coz I'm nothin' to you, I've been so cold coz your out of

Neruda – Reign Lyrics

Can you feel the pain? That I was set to feel Let me out from this hole, I have seen too much of these Denial comes again I'm still awake I'm holdin on, I'm holding stong I'm closer to the edge I need to know the reason Why or how could this be real I

Why – Fate Lyrics

Sarangeul jal moreugesseo Ireohge dagaol jul nan molrasseo Nae maeumjochado sarang apeseoneun nae tteusdaero andwae Ireol jul alassdeoramyeon Cheombuteo shijakhajido anhasseo Babocheoreom ijewaseoya nan dwineujeun huhoereul hago isseo Niga sarangi doeji anhgireul bileosseo Neomaneun jeoldaero anigireul bileosseo Neon sarangi anilgeorago sudo eobshi nareul sokyeowasseo Jamshi seuchyeoganeun inyeonigil baraesseo Apeun sanghcoman naege namgyeojiltenikka Hajiman almyeonseodo neoui

Delara – Smile Lyrics

Wish I may, wish I might Have something to say Oh no no no This must be love I tried to stay Just a step away Yeah, yeah, yeah This must be love I wrote my letters on the sand I watched you burn away Thought that this might break it up And I'm sorry

Peroxwhygen – Explanation Lyrics

Whoever ends up hearing this Hear me, hear what I have to say It's the explanation you've been waiting for As of now, you'll wait no more For me to arrive on time For you not to have a heart attack For me to arrive alright As of then, you'll worry no more And I

16mm – S.O.S. Lyrics

I've got a beef with the bar going straight to my bones That's going to beat you apart when I get you alone. It's like I'm bleeding the bard for the sugar I broke. Now I'm pleading with the bar for some place I can smoke. I've got the keys to the chords to this

Nevershoutnever! – Trouble Lyrics

I'm in trouble I'm an addict I'm addicted to this girl She's got my heart tied in a knot And my stomach in a whirl But even worse I can't stop calling her She's all I want and more I mean dang What's not to adore? I've been playing too much guitar I've been listening

Estrella – Stay Lyrics

Sounds straight from the twilight Has me up all night I can't Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of you And I saw a shadow, outside my window And it's you! C/o All my sorrows flew away, Hush keep quiet hear me say I don't ever want you to go Please stay With the moonlight

Naruto – Natsuhiboshi Lyrics

Natsuhiboshi, naze akai? Yuube kanashii yume wo mita. Naite hanashita. Akai me yo Natsuhiboshi, naze mayou? Kieta warashi wo sagashiteru Dakara kanashii yumewo miru Natsuhiboshi, naze akai? Yuube kanashii yume wo mita. Naite hanashita. Akai me yo Natsuhiboshi, naze mayou? Kieta warashi wo sagashiteru Dakara kanashii yumewo miru

Hinder – Heartless Lyrics

I'm feelin sick inside Cause I can't believe it's happening I thought that he'd be gone by now We were on a break and you said you needed space to breathe I didn't know your ex was in town I finally figured it out Chorus: You're heartless The devil in disguise So heartless You make

Renfue – Redemption Lyrics

Come enter into this mind of Plot-thickened hopes With stained photographs lying against cold walls (cold walls) And these broken chairs enter into reality (reality) Of deadly cinematic, it's casualty With winding roads of redemption (redemption) Leads me to believe (Leads me to believe) With true colors shown It appears to me (appears to me

SNSD – Gee Lyrics

[Tiffany] Aha! Listen Boy My First Love Story ([All] Ooh oh-oh, Ooh oh-oh, Yeah~) [Jessica] My Angel ([Taeyeon] Ha~) & My Girls ([Taeyeon] Ha~) My Sunshine [Jessica] Uh! Uh! Let's Go! [Seohyun] Neomu neomu meotjyeo nuni nuni busyeo Sumeul mot swigesseo tteollineun girl [All] Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby Gee Gee Gee Gee

Dani – Decode Lyrics

How can I decide what's right When you're clouding up my mind? I can't win your losing fight All the time. Not gonna ever own what's mine When you're always taking sides But you won't take away my pride. No, not this time. Not this time. How did we get here? When I used to

Fahrenheit – Momo Lyrics

Jiro Zhe shi yi ge mei you da an de wen ti Wo gan jue wo bian le oh shei rang wo bian le Chun Yuan ben zhe shi yi ge mei you da an de wen ti Jiu bei ni jie kai le jian dan de jie kai le Arron Ni zou guo lai

BabiixJenii – Helpless Lyrics

Nothing can hurt more (can hurt more) Than knowing that the one you love (the one you love) Is in pain (is in pain) And you can't even do anything about it (I'm sorry…) I feel so helpless There's nothing more I can do But to worry for you Eyes turn blurry cuhz of you

Unheilig – Schutzengel Lyrics

Ich bin bei dir dein Leben lang Halt über dich meine schützende Hand Manchmal siehst du mich an Obwohl du mich nicht sehen kannst Meine Welt liegt in schwarz weiß Nur du machst sie farbenreich Ich existiere allein für dich Nur wenn du fällst spürst du mich Mein Herz mein Geist meine Seele Lebt nur

Unheilig – Vollendung Lyrics

Wenn ich einst das Ziel errungen habe, In den Lichtgefilden jener Welt, Heil, der Trne dann an meinem Grabe Die auf hingestreute Rosen fllt! Sehnsuchtsvoll, mit banger Ahnungswonne, Ruhig, wie der mondbeglnzte Hain, Lchelnd, wie I'm Niedergang die Sonne, Harr' ich, gttliche Vollendung, dein! Eil', o eile mich empor zu Flgeln Wo sich unter mir

Unheilig – Vollmond Lyrics

Ein wildes Tier schleicht um dein Haus Du lцschst zu spдt die Lichter aus Er kommt von sehr weit her zu dir Seine Glieder schwach und schwer Du schaust ihn an tief in sein Herz Und spьrst den Vollmondschmerz Ich hab ein Licht gesehn I'm Schleier jeder Nacht Ich werde von dir gehn Wenn der

Unheilig – Sternenschiff Lyrics

Es ist so viele Jahre her Als du zu den Sternen gingst Die Zeit verinnt Ich sehe zu dir hoch zu deinem Licht Dass sich durch das Dunkle bricht Jede Nacht bis es erwacht Sie soll nur der Himmel sein Sie soll nur der Himmel sein Jede Nacht Jede Nacht Steige hoch in mein Schiff

Unheilig – Stark Lyrics

Das leben ist mehr als wir sehen Schatten die an uns vorбјberziehen Weinen wir aus Trauer und Schmerz Spбјren wir das Leben tief I'm Herz Auf Wiedersehen Stark wie ein Baum der in der Sonne steht Stark wie die Wolke die vorбјberzieht Stark wie ein Engel der zum Himmel fliegt Die Zeit steht still, die

Unheilig – Sonnentag Lyrics

Bilder lдngst vergangner Tage, Erzдhlen vom Glьck Worte von Erinnerung getragen, Bleiben hoffnungsvoll zurьck All die verzauberten Momente, Wie auf altem Papier, Bringen dich wieder zu mir Refrain Ich stell mir vor, wo du bist Und hцre was du sagst Ich stell mir vor, was du denkst Und fьhle was du magst Ganz egal wo

Unheilig – Willenlos Lyrics

Das Morgenrot Erscheint in alter Pracht Der Rauch danach Holt die Erinnerung der Nacht Die Krper in Silber Gespiegelt von Schwei Der Herzschlag beruhigt sich Die Haut ist noch hei Willenlos Atemlos Ein Schlingen der Krper Wie zerschmolzenes Fleisch Der Geruch von Liebe Die Entspannung wirkt hart und weich Der Blick in die Seele Erfllt

Unheilig – Freiheit Lyrics

Wenn du durch die StraЯen gehst Sollst du leise sein Wenn du tust wovon du trдumst Sollst du leise sein Wenn du siehst woran du glaubst Sollst du leise sein Wenn du sagst was du denkst Sollst du leise sein Wenn du fьhlst das du lebst Sollst du leise sein Wenn du kьsst was du

Unheilig – Helden Lyrics

Suchst du immer noch die Liebe? Suchst du immer noch dein Glьck? Fьhlst du manchmal deine Triebe Fьare einen kurzen Augenblick? Hцrst du immer noch die Stimme Die ganz leise zu dir spricht? Siehst du manchmal deine Trдume Wenn deine Welt zusammenbricht? Bist du bereit fьare eine neue Zeit? Es ist ganz leicht, komm, du

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