Fusebox – Hello Lyrics

Spoken Word:
With dropped jaw, I stand in awe of this masterpiece that You have made
So many words come to mind; Magnificent, glorious, beautiful, and sublime
Wow! Wow! Says it more accurately
Your glory illuminates the heavens as far as the eyes can see

Verse I
Hello! Hello! I'm standing underneath Your sky with my hands held high to You
Hello! Hello! The dawning of this brand new day makes me want to say

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Your name is great in all the earth
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
You reign throughout the universe

Spoken Word ii:
Scared to death and out of breath, my heart is pounding at an alarming rate
You keep getting larger, while I keep getting smaller in this vast cosmic ocean
My Lord, My God why should you offer me such eternal grace
As my legs give way at the knees and the tears parade down my face

Verse ii
Hello! Hello! Lord it's good to know you care, that You're always there for me
Hello! Hello! This greeting is from me to You, God of all that's true

Repeat chorus

Spoken Word iii
Wide eyed and tongue tied, Your glory is more than this human being can bear
But I'll attempt to express my love, my joy, my excitement, and thankfulness
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb that was slain
Now my life will wonderfully never ever be the same

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